A Farewell To Matt O’Tonic McGroarty

For those who follow us on social media, you probable already know that Polytheist has mutually decided to part ways from singer Matt O’Tonic McGroarty. Matt stepped in and helped us through a difficult transition, but ultimately it was not a good fit. Matt performed one last time with us in Allentown on April 13, 2019 at Sportsmen’s Cafe. This was during #SportysMetalEasterParty which also featured: Erik Olsen of Cromwell Incident doing an acoustic set, The World Without Us, and Tartarus Horde. Thanks again Matt for all that you did for us. Here are all 5 videos in their entirety beginning with the awesome recapper.

Here was our official statement on Facebook after the April 13th show:

Now that Saturday has come and gone, we have now officially (other than the upcoming 3 song release) parted ways with our front man Matt O’Tonic McGroarty . For those not in the know, we mutually decided this was best and we wish each other well. You’ve not seen the last of Matt O’tonic, and odds are we’ll do shows in the future with his next project #HeelTurn

Matt, we thank you for helping us through a difficult transition as our long time singer Ken Brown made the difficult decision to put his music career on hold. You stepped in and did what we asked you to do and went out on top. We can’t thank you enough. Our 3 song EP #TheNewTestament will be dropping soon, probably starting with the singe #ThicketOfSolitude first. This is our final farewell gift to Matt.”

Sporty’s Metal Easter Party – Cromin’ In Your Valley Again with The World Without Us Tartarus Horde and Erik Olsen aka Cromwell Incident doing his thing acoustically as #Olsyn. Enjoy! Josh Asson Joe Covell Doug Buehler Cromaidz Productions Fred West Cromaidz Styff Peter Productions Sportsmen’s Cafe Allentown Derek Louks Jessisthebest Morris