The New Testament EP Coming Soon!

Polytheist is currently hard at work with engineer and producer master mind Mike Mallon, putting the final touches on their upcoming 3 song EP: #TheNewTestament . This will serve as the final farewell to singer Matt O’Tonic McGroarty as both parties begin to prepare for their futures. This EP will be much different than the debut EP #WhenHeroesFail as well as the band’s future direction. This will definitely be a more commercial sound, although the feel will be far different from most generic #radiometal / #radiorock out there currently. Although it will ultimately serve as a much different era in Polytheist’s discography, these 3 songs deserve their right to be heard and immortalized in a proper recorded production. Here is a quick little teaser we put up on our instagram:

The date will be announced soon as to when you can expect the EP to drop, but the plan is to first release the single #ThicketofSolitude , and yes the name does come from #Quailman from the classic Nickelodeon cartoon #Doug . This song was code named: #Unicorn over the last couple years. Since it was always thought of as a commercial song, Matt’s voice was perfect for it. The other two songs on the EP will be #WhatLiesOnChannel95 which for the longest time had been known as #SpaceyBallad, and also a newer tune #DaedalusComplex which is heavily inspired by old #KillswitchEngage