Thicket Of Solitude Single Will DROP Cinco De Mayo at 3:33 AM! and present the #BehindTheScenes tracking footage of Polytheist’s upcoming EP, #TheNewTestament which will be coming soon! This EP is a more commerical sound for the band, far different from their debut release #WhenHeroesFail and also different from the future direction of the band. This is the final parting gift for singer Matt O’Tonic McGroarty, as both he and Polytheist have mutually agreed to part ways. Since Matt had a strong clean voice, the band agreed it best to capsulize it on these 3 songs and archive them in the catalog! This EP was engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by the great Mike Mallon! The 3 EP songs include: #ThicketofSolitude (title borrowed from Nickelodeon’s #Doug ), #WhatLiesOnChannel95 , and #DaedalusComplex . Thicket Of Solitude the single will be dropping by the weekend and the other 2 will be released later this month as the full EP! We hope you enjoy!
The One Minute Version!