Collaboration Announcement with Classical Guitarist Zachary Grim

We are very excited, and humbled to announce that we will be teaming up with classical guitarist Zachary Grim of the Baltimore MD area! We aim to combine his expertise in the classical genre with our aural assault of heavy metal to bring something to fans of both genres the likes of which have never been seen before!

This is a work in progress as it is definitely in the early stages; Both the band and Zach agree “we want to take something along the lines of Lamb of God’s Ashes of the Wake instrumental track and mix it with a classical piece like Igor Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring.” The accented attacks, and sporadic nature of Rite of Spring make it one of the most metal songs in the classical genre… all it’s missing is a Pig’s Heart!

This idea is long in the making, Zach has wanted to make classical music more relatable and accessible to a large audience for as long as he can remember, and being a fan of heavy metal himself we were more than happy to assist in making this idea a reality.

In addition to recording the track(s) this collaboration plans to hit the road together to showcase that when genres cross party lines, a lot of good can come from it.


Luck of the Irish

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love St. Patricks day, who doesn’t? You can drink a beer at 8AM and for some reason it’s okay! Now, a week ago we bought a green screen and saved it to put to good use for today… the inaugural St. Patty’s day green screen montage featuring the song Fields of Athenry, featuring our friendly neighborhood low stringed slinger Josh Asson on vocals!


Heavy Metal Easter Service… Hail Science

We are at it again, we have a slew of shows booked for this upcoming spring, and we start at Sporty’s in Allentown! Hide your wives, hide your daughters, and hide your eggs cause it’s time for the HEAVY METAL EASTER SHOW and we could not be more excited about this bill. We are playing with some awesome bands: Tartarus Horde and The World Without Us just to name a few!

The whole event will be streamed live but why not come out, have a beer with us, buy some merch and throw down with some of the heaviest LOCAL bands in the area?!

For more information check out the event page RIGHT HERE

Sunday Funday

Like We’ve said before we strive to be the MOST INTERACTIVE Metal band on the scene…. so every Sunday (or whenever we practice) we throw and interactive live stream concert extravaganza from our Halloween Christmas Hell Cave


~Stay Faithful~ \M/ ~DB

So new, you can taste it

We here at Polytheist think it’s important to keep the faithful in the know, and we know this’ll make even a cactus in the Mojave Desert moist… CLICK HERE for a rough demo of our new track “Who made Cletus Moist”.

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New Music On Its Way!

Believe it or not we have been extremely busy over the past couple of months. With the official farewell of long time frontman and “dread lock shampoo connoisseur” Ken Brown behind us, we are working hard to bring you some new stuff with our new frontman man Matt O’tonic.

Want to take a listen to a sneak peek of something new? CLICK HERE

Long Live Harambe